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Friday, August 20, 2004

[_] m & m [_]

Your [_] looks great, but I'll need to print it out for doodling purposes when there's time for a complete read; perhaps at a future iteration?
At this point my suspicion is that the fungibility of [_] will be a reflection of its cleverly crafted (and, more importantly, entertaining) tales, aphorisms and metaphors; but that the perceived relevance and longevity of [_] will be determined by the quality of its expositions...

In particular, how cogent and detailed are its (preferably predictive) elucidations regarding morality; e.g., intricacies and dynamics of morality, the border conditions between public and private morality, between historical and modern morality, between canonical and adaptive morality, and between theological and secular paradigms.

I personally believe a mathematical appendix or two with a few fairly simple delineations of tools for building a path forward would be appropriate, but am resigned to being overruled in such opinions.



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