argieArt 2004

a Primer consisting of
rough drafts of
sketchy notes to
the full-time
occasional artist


another wave on another ocean in another universe at another time

Thursday, July 08, 2004

trivializat iota elder

such as these
unaligned noises
; irreverent irrelevant hierarchical imperative prattling
emerge thou random generic
disappointing standard elder
moving at such a broken pace
; pay thus in like kind lack of any kind
, nested in heedlessness
, parenthesized in fraternal structures transgressing
merely trivialized only
somewhat further
diminished ‘til earth do us part
, ripped dirt in particle our stranger
form not unusual abusive universe
, looking out increasingly ready now potted among shards
moving into such a broken place
as though by all upon an outside
we elderly leave you now
; whereat
rarely does (such) an Elderly feel particularly so
much looking out ) from now-and-then inside
an outside
though in actuality are these two reversed
utilizing hiking
, working a small team of men
so engaged along Melding Ridge
verdant heaving grassland, panoramic
emplacement newer infrastructure traversing
elegant spiral tubes within a berm
perfectly saturated purveyors of white
pure plastic panoramas preserved at
great personal cost between High Dias of
Hope and such Ways as
Cross an upper rim of childhood as
repetitive accuracies repeatedly divest
the mind of all wild, utilitarian reductions
a mental realm of air placed solidly
within any such soil of any such way starkly (held) down
a geological trend leading pleasant unraveled grass
hair of she of flaxen tower
, silica summer and a nearly perfect daunting sea nearby in

perpetuity’s gracious rapid precipitations’
diversions, unreserved thief thereof
, abundance her round jiggling quarts of stillness
unthwarted before untoward direction, knowing
in the Time of the Greater Populators – forever fresh
endless resource (though all the rock fish gone forever)
springing artesian upon any available neck of wealth
this branch or that, waters observed amid blurring friction’s
fang or the other two independent curling layers descend
typical scalar glissandi; taffy unfrozen clarified
profusions until giggling quartzen silliness
until . upon contemplation of each cooled clarity
emergent as any aforementioned thus,
subsequent diamond laughter beneath breath
appearing to peer in a famously inward way needing not even
the girding of loins, purest gurgling stillness pure parts water primeval
, one
source welling up engorged as though
, mate
with the other looping sinuous beneath all living wreath
voluptuous stratum of nicety, of verity, of although merely
a likelihood, childhoods’ survivals now pretended,
erasure of all fountainheads so condemned along childhood’s
creative font free thus of fear inexpressible
unforged guilt forever forgotten for
the word is borderline, to express such concern
to align in such a manner affirming such a contraption
borderline, surcease, sedition to presumed unknowable leader
, such a band as we
, swiping assets of luxury upon hungry trough and tribe
, employees of our lovely fief
; Entropy please and speak not of our deep perversions
this post-primeval everyone-has-their-price
thus hear me out no longer
, forging graceless sly ahead for
naught has e’er been said ‘xcepting this
particular unanointed embarrassment
. unmanly all such concerns
taken not in consideration of payment
; long ago decided such hawks and vultures
swerving DNA looping molten air, deeply
shrinking unwound amid forgotten rituals
, diminishment in exclusion
, surgings one and forever ‘gainst fringes
such a frank and lovely valley
, meadows wildly reciprocate encroached
( of one voice voicing
unimportant concerns,


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