argieArt 2004

a Primer consisting of
rough drafts of
sketchy notes to
the full-time
occasional artist


another wave on another ocean in another universe at another time

Thursday, July 15, 2004

filamental journey

now what shall you do
dear ongoing continuance?
dear sap vulcanized
your lovely view
of a forgotten rubber tree bisects
two tire tracks forever companions
rapidly crunch upon endless gravel
, one-lane dirt, road steep down
driving is wheels for; ride; rolling gravel
unslippery slope, cling and
looping Steep Hill; a manner of
lovely bisected blurring dirt
snugly perceived within light
upon right ( decaying matter
, ancient decomposed bodies of trees we
living things other than trees – just ignore
all dangers spinning through galaxies
) difficult to see down so far,
Surmise Cliff dropping into
the nature of cliffs precipitately
in Beautiful Deadly Gorge
lit yet unseen
in the Far Below upon

in such situations
, rather than immediate
near-term consciousness
focused now more distant
far bend Mind thus
deliberate effort ; exclude fear ; exclude apprehension
takes no time to
. merely realize to live is always in such context
rationalization comes later in thus
obtaining a success known to be


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